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Uber Articles {Über (ger) adj. above, beyond }

- Above and Beyond a Mere Article Directory


Get Free Content

Want FREE Unique Content for your own
Article Directory, Blog, or CMS?

And how about getting PAID to display those articles?

We are allied with the internet’s top article submission service.  By signing up for their free distribution service you can have unique articles sent directly to your site, at which point you can then approve or decline each one before you actually publish them.

By doing it this way there is no need for copying and pasting, formatting, fiddling with HTML code or anything else. This is the ideal way to get quality, unique, content for your website. (If you want articles delivered by email instead, eg for your ezine, just click here)

Articles are submitted only for the categories that your site supports, so you don’t need to worry about off-target content.

Each article that is sent out by the Unique Article Wizard is, well, unique. Which means that you can display them on your site without worrying about those duplicate content filters on the search engines.

Not only that, but they also offer the option of including your affiliate code in the article (with the full permission of the author) so that you can earn residual, recurring, commissions when people click through that link and sign up as authors with the Unique Article Wizard.

Not sure just what the Wizard does? Click here to see. As you will see, this is a tremendous tool for both authors who want to use articles to promote their sites, AND webmasters who are looking for quality unique content.

Listing your Site With UAW is Easy

And, naturally, you can de-list your site at any time!

If you have a WordPress, Blogspot, Joomla, Drupal, Article Friendly, Article Dashboard or ArticleMS site, simply download the appropriate plugin, upload it to your site, set one file permission, enter your preferences, and off you go!  It is that easy. Installation will probably take you about 5 minutes in total.

You can see what it looks like on our demo installation: demo plugin

The script gives you a full control panel that allows you to:

  • limit the number of articles you receive each day.
  • select which categories for which you want to receive articles – and, yes, the list is taken from YOUR list of categories.
  • enable/disable email notification of article submissions – with an embedded link that allows you one-click approval or deletion of each article. If you have a small niche blog that does not receive many articles, this saves you from having to log into your site’s admin panel every day just to see if there are new articles waiting for approval. You can customize the subject line so as to make email filtering easier.
  • include your affiliate code with articles so that you can earn money just by publishing the article – and earn money when OTHER people publish the article that they found on your site. You will be surprised at how effective this is!
  • automatically publish articles rather than have them posted as draft, “waiting for review”. Often it is a lot quicker to just delete a few bad articles (using the email notification) than to spend the time to approve many good articles. You can turn this preference on and off by selecting a check box.
  • choose whether or not to receive and display images, videos and audio.
  • exclude articles based on keywords – this enables you to fine tune exactly what typesof articles you do and don’t want to receive.

Articles are posted by creating a new account for each user (who may use multiple pennames). Real information is provided, including valid email address (but please don’t flood them with emails otherwise they will just bulk-folder them all).

Several security measures are incorporated so as to make sure that the plugin won’t compromise your site in any way.  Full source code is provided so you can check it out yourself. No changes are made to your database. Removal is as simple as unchecking a box to turn off receiving articles, and then, if you wish, you can just delete all the files.

If you don’t have one of our supported blogs or directories you can receive articles by email.

If you are using your own, non-standard system, please feel free to download any one of the plugins and customize it to suit your own site. All you need is a basic understanding of PHP and databases, and be familiar with the database structure of your own site. The source code is well documented and developer’s notes are also provided.

Any questions? Just ask!!!!!!!

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