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How to Promote Your Article

Great! You have written an article and had it published on Uber Articles.

Now what you will want to do is to promote it!

Here’s why:

1) The more exposure your article gets – the more people who will read it. The more people that read it, the more that will visit your site.

2) The more links pointing to your article, the higher its rankings in the search engine which, again, leads to more people visiting it.

So how do you promote your article?

Simple. There are two steps. We recommend doing both.

1) Make your article a Featured Article.

You will notice that in the left column there are a number of featured articles. To get your article featured there, all you need to do is to bid on a placement. Since bidding starts at just ONE CENT a day, you can often get your articles featured at very little cost. Here are the steps:

a) First you will need to pre-load your account with some advertising credits. To do this, log into your account, and go to My Account -> Deposit. Just follow the steps to deposit funds into your account. You can start with as little as $10 – which, if your bid is only 1 cent a day, will last a long time!

b) Once you have deposited some funds, go to My Account -> Place Bid. Here you will see all your articles listed. To place a bid, just select the article, enter a bid amount, and select the starting and finishing dates for your campaign. Then hit the Place Bid button. You will notice, having done that, that you can modify your bid at any time.

Here’s what will happen:

As you know, every article is assigned to a category. For each category there is an archive page that lists all the articles for that category, in chronological order, most recent first.  In the left column on that category page are displayed all the featured articles for that category AND all the featured articles for any sub-categories in that category. These are listed in order bid amount, with the highest bid at the top. There is a maximum of 60 articles that will be displayed.  So, if there is an article about ‘How to Choose an Attorney‘ in the Legal category, with a bid of 10 cents, and an article about ‘How to Write a Living Will‘ in the Legal -> Living Wills category, with a bid of 5 cents, then these two articles will be featured as follows:

On the Living Wills page, only ‘How to Write a Living Will‘ will be featured.

On the Legal page, both articles will be featured, with ‘How to Choose an Attorney‘ above ‘How to Write a Living Will‘, because the former has a higher bid.

On the Home page, both articles will be featured, again with ‘How to Choose an Attorney‘ above ‘How to Write a Living Will‘.

In all cases, these two articles will be featured along with any other articles that have higher and lower bids in the respective categories.

In case of a tie with two articles having the same bid, then the one with the more distant end date will be given priority.

Once a day, if your article is displayed in the featured column, your account will be debited the amount of your bid. Note that you will NOT be charged if your article is not displayed – this can happen if your bid was insufficient to make it into the top 60 places OR if no one actually visited that category during the day. You ONLY get charged if your article is actually listed as a featured article. And you only get charged ONCE per day – no matter how many times your article is displayed or how many different categories feature your article.

For example, if the bid is sufficient, ‘How to Write a Living Will‘ might be displayed on the Living Wills page, the Legal page and the Home page. But the author will be charged only 5 cents per day for the lot!

So you can see this is a highly efficient and economical way to promote your article.

An Important Additional Benefit:

Once you feature your article, more people will visit it. Since we record all the visits, and since we feature the most popular articles, this means that your article is more likely to appear in the ‘Most Popular Articles‘ list – which again will provide you with a lot of exposure. And, not only that, this exposure will last way beyond the expiry of your paid Featured Article campaign. So your initial investment will pay off for a very long time!

This is great way to launch your article for maximal benefit.

b) Link to Your Article

The more external links pointing to your article, the higher rankings it will achieve in the search engines, and the more exposure you will get. Many of our articles appear in the first page of Google for search terms related to the content matter. Also, the more links pointing to your article, the higher its Page Rank will be and this, in turn, will be passed on to your site through the links in the article pointing to your site.

So, in addition to promoting your site by syndicating your article to multiple sites (eg by using an article submission service), which will provide hundreds of backlinks to your site, we also recommend that you link to your article in Uber Articles.  The simplest way is, of course, to link from your own site. But how about also linking from other sites that you might have? eg. Hubpages, Squidoo, Facebook, your blog, and so on. You don’t have to go overboard, but even a few links can make a huge difference.

By the way, when you do link to your article, we recommend that you use the title of your article as the anchor text in your link. E.g your link should look like this:

See my article ‘How to Write a Living Will‘ for more help.

Not like this:

See my articleHow to Write a Living Will‘ for more help.

The Anchor text (the bit in blue) is what tells Google what your article is about, so it is important to get that right!

That’s It! Article Marketing is not hard, and is the most cost effective way to promote your website. But if you are going to do it, you might as well do it right, and get the full benefits from it.

For more details, here is a FREE report: Sticky Organic Marketing: The Art of Working Once and Getting Paid Time and Time Again.

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