How Chiropractic Helps Auto and Car Accident Injury Patients

Chiropractors have helped many patients recover and evaluate injuries resulting from car or auto accidents. We can help you if you’ve been in an auto or car accident. A car accident chiropractor is a crucial first step to recovery after an accident. Read below for more information.

The State of New Mexico requires that you have your injuries evaluated by a healthcare provider within 14 days after an accident.

Many people don’t know that New Mexico law allows individuals to have their own car insurance policies cover medical treatment for injuries sustained in an auto accident or car crash. This applies even if the other party was at fault. To be eligible for coverage, a doctor must assess your injuries within the first 14 days after your accident. Our office will handle the billing and filing with your auto insurance company, so that you can concentrate on healing.

We specialize in treating auto and car accident injuries.

Dr. Frank is a specialist in treating injuries from car accidents. To better assess and treat neck and head injuries from auto and car accidents, he received certification and training at the Spine Research Institute of San Francisco in Whiplash and Brain Injury Traumatology. He also understood the severity of injuries that can result from minor car accidents and auto accidents. Many patients believe they will feel the effects of injury as soon as the accident occurs. This is false. Sometimes symptoms can take several days to manifest and may not get severe for a while. Patients should seek evaluations from their health care providers, even if they feel the pain is manageable. They may become more severe over time.

Neglecting to properly treat auto and car accident injuries can lead to long-term pain.

Because injuries from auto accidents are different, it is crucial to seek medical attention. Whiplash, whiplash, back pain and shoulder pain are just a few of the injuries from car accidents.

These injuries can also include

  • headaches
  • dizziness
  • headaches
  • neck pain
  • back pain
  • arm pain
  • shoulder pain
  • elbow pain
  • leg pain

These injuries can cause you to be unable to return to work or your usual activities. Patients often don’t realize the effects an untreated or undertreated auto accident injury can have upon their daily lives.

Whiplash, which is a forceful and rapid back-and-forth movement of your neck when your vehicle suddenly stops moving, is one of most common injuries in auto accidents. Whiplash can also be linked to concussions. Some doctors are unable or unqualified to treat auto injury, while others are not willing to take the time to properly evaluate and treat the injuries. Our office works hard to inform others about these types of injuries.

We work closely with other medical providers to ensure that you receive the best care for your injury.

We work closely with other medical professionals to ensure that you get the best care for your auto and accident injuries. Local primary care physicians often refer to your chiropractor for physical therapy and chiropractic treatment. We often refer patients to MRIs to obtain detailed images of the spine and soft tissues. This is essential to determine the extent of a patient’s injury.

Dr. Frank will also refer patients to orthopedists or neurologists for treatment and evaluations, as well as to receive a second opinion on a patient’s symptoms and injuries. Chiropractic’s goal is to ensure that you receive the right evaluations and treatment to help you recover from injuries sustained in an auto accident or car crash.