How To Gain More Views And Followers on TikTok

The talk of the town is X, a rarely unknown app that has now become more popular than COVID-19.

Analyzing X trends and statistics will answer the fundamental question of what videos go viral on this app.

Looking to start a new account on X or want to promote your business on this rapidly growing app, I am sure your objective is to gain maximum visibility to your hobbies, skills and business ideas. However, as a new X user, the math is completely against you. You will be competing against a massive pool of 2 billion-plus users. Now do the math and see how difficult it is to become popular on X. But as goes the saying, every question has an answer hidden somewhere; we will show you what videos go viral on X and how you too can learn the trends and gain maximum visibility for your video.

X Is New YouTube

Google was a pioneer in understanding the potential of video over other media. A picture speaks thousands of words, a video amplifies this statement. It won’t be untrue to say a video speaks millions of words. Looking at the tremendous potential videos can offer, Google’s YouTube became a household name from influencers to the world’s leading marketing agencies. Until late 2018 video means YouTube was the prevailing equation.

YouTube has boasted the most active platform where millions of videos were uploaded per second. You search any topic and chances are that you will find hundreds of matching videos on YouTube.

But year 2019 has changed this equation. A new formidable player in the form of X has emerged. Facebook has managed to dent the popularity of YouTube to certain extent, but a blow was received with the emergence of X in the American market. With the arrival of 2020 everything was shadowed by handful of names such as COVID19 (a.k.a. Coronavirus), X and Zoom Video. The names that were remotely unknown in 2019 suddenly have become household names, chat of the town.

But is X really new YouTube. Well the short answer is NO as these are two different products. But given the overlapping strategy (both YouTube and X believe in expressing yourself using camera than words) and growing popularity, YouTube surely has been impacted. When comparing with YouTube and X or X and Facebook videos, one must remember that X allows posting short videos as compared to other media platforms.

Astonishing Statistics Of X – Let’s Churn X Data

Why you need your videos to go viral on X. The secret lies in it’s formidable stats. Below is the list of key points of this rapidly growing app.

  • Both in 2019 and 2020, X has been the most downloaded app on iOS and Android platforms. Means top leading app on Apple’s iTunes Store and Google Play.
  • In 2020 alone, the user base has increased by a whopping billion-plus users.
  • So far the app has been downloaded 2 billion or more times and these numbers are increasing every minute.
  • Popular among teenagers and very young adults (you won’t find as active number of teens as on X anywhere else)
  • Leading brands, small businesses, modelling industry and ad agencies are aggressively moving to X than any other platform
  • X influencers X stars are generating more money than other leading social media platform
  • Millions of videos are uploaded daily on X
  • Most active app with loyal app users (More than 80% of X users access this app once per day. Such active engagement by users is unprecedented. Even Facebook doesn’t have such strong and loyal user’s base)

What Videos Go Viral On X

Every day brings new surprises. There is as such no rule book as to what will go viral and trending on X. But if you are a avid and frequent X user, you will quickly understand what’s trending on this app. Based on what I saw on X, here are the top 11 X niche and segments that are getting maximum followers on X, a key to making video that will go viral. Maximum views means greater visibility which automatically translates into getting more followers day by day. Math is simple, as you start getting more views, your follower base will start increasing too.

1. Videos With Meaningful Message

4. Frequently Updated Channels And User Accounts

5. Medical And Health Benefits

7. Riots and Geopolitical Unrest

8. Celebrity Videos – videos featuring well known Hollywood personalities

10. Easy To Follow Life Messages

11. DIY Crafts and Life Hacks

We will discuss each X niche and how it has effectively worked for leading X stars in the section below. We know actual proofs speak louder than our message.

10 Effective Ways To Grow Your X Followers

Now you know the top 10 X niche that can maximize your exposure and ability to gain followers. Let’s dive deeper and discuss each of these areas and it’s adoption. By showing proven results, we will provide you with the optimum strategy to buy followers on X. Our strategy is based on some proven examples that have successfully cashed on these segments. The same strategy will work too when it comes to earning more views, likes or comments on X. Its also a secret recipe of making a video that can go viral.

Post Regularly Even As Often As One New Video Every Hour

If you expect your users to stay engaged with your videos, visit your profile at least once per day, you too need to do your part. Stay as much active as possible on X. By active, I mean to say produce and post new videos daily. A good looking woman in China has successfully used this strategy. Result, from just a good looking woman to now-famous model and show host. Let me introduce you to a channel called ‘Chinesetrend”.

Anything from fitness to jaywalk or simple trip to the mall, this user has created at least a dozen accounts to promote her videos. Not all her videos have gone viral and trending.

Search for this good looking face and you will find many videos. This model posts videos almost one per hour. The videos are simple showing her exercise routine, fitness tips or routine workout. As this model has shot to fame, now the videos show her fans, people gathering around her for a quick look or taking selfies.

If you observe her videos, not all videos get millions of views, but when you collect these channels together, the total number of views she receives are now in millions. More the videos you post, the higher the chances to be seen by users active in different time zones. Over just the past few months, her channel(s) have grown significantly with users from Asia to America have started following her.

Use Hashtags, Off-course The Popular And Trending One

Like X and Instagram, X too uses hashtags. When you click on the search icon the trending and leading hashtags will be displayed. X takes hashtag one step further. The app will show you the number of views per hashtag. This will give you an idea about what’s trending or widely searched on X. Some of the videos that have gone viral on X have used popular hashtag to maximize their exposure.

Once you identify a hashtag or hashtag group of your interest, start producing videos in that category. Effectively assign these hashtags to every post for wide audience reach. Anyone looking for the popular hashtag will come across your video and if your video is interesting will earn you many views and followers. Search for video hashtag that is viral or trending before finalizing your own niche.

As you become an expert in understanding the trending hashtag, you can adopt a similar strategy to promote your brand or channel on other social media platforms such as X or Instagram.

Follow The Trend And Sometimes Every Copy The Trends

Copycat videos are popular on X too. Search what’s trending on X. Videos with millions of views will help you understand what users like and want to see on X. However, the phrase “copycat” is broad, it’s not just a duplication of videos but goes more into customization. I am not suggesting you to simply create your version of popular X videos but rather understand the content and customize it your own way before publishing it’s copycat version.

Take example of the famous trend started by a nurse. The video that has gone viral begins with a nurse dressed in her professional attire and sitting on the chair. She can be seen holding her high heels in one hand.

In the next frame, she tosses her high heel sandals up in the air and immediately transforms into a beautifully dressed up diva ready to rock the night life parties. This trend became quite popular on X with many copycat videos posted in a matter of days. But did all become successful, NO!

Why would the user like to see same themed videos with different characters. Isn’t that boring? In order to make a video that will go viral, use this trend and add your own flavor. It is the customized version of this trend that have become popular. The logic is simple. The trending videos give insight into user’s psychology. Once you apprehend it, just add a small variation and publish on X. The variation or subtle change of flavors keep users engaged to your videos the simply swiping it up and move on to the next video.

Promote Popular Products

Another proven strategy to become successful on X is to follow the leader. X videos also contain some brands or products that are widely viewed by the audience. If you use these products in your videos, add relevant hashtags any user looking for this product will come across your video.

By mixing products into your videos, your channel will provide a fusion of product features the users wanted to see plus your talent. If users like your video, they will try to explore your channel and if the contents are valuable, you can expect more subscribers and followers for your channel. Another easy and proven method to make videos that will go viral.

Create Meaningful Content – Videos That Spread A Message

Started from X signature dance move, this app is now increasing the scope of offerings. Now you can search for MEMES, Jokes, DIY craft and many meaningful content on X.

Understand this growing trends and try to absorb them in your video.

X channel “health clinic” is dedicated to providing education about human health. Seeing these short but meaningful videos, its popularity is soaring day by day. Within a few months after launch, the channel now has 300,000 followers and more than a million views.

Act Of God And Some Luck

Believe it or not, luck plays an important role, but supports only whom that posts videos regularly on X. The key is post videos regularly and if possible almost daily. Some of the videos go viral on this app were the result of mere luck.

Bella Porch a.k.a Pov started her X channel to promote her tattooed body. Her videos dressed in military attire or showing full body tattoos didn’t gain any attraction. But suddenly one of her video showing facial expression was liked by many and there began the trend. Now Bella only produces videos that mimics the facial expressions of celebrities and each of her videos are getting multi-million views.

But this success wasn’t easy or came on day one of her X journey. Bella (or Pov) has experimented with different types of videos until she discovered her niche. After discovering what people liked about her and the successful niche, her channel is growing fast in terms of popularity. It was mere luck before Pov discovered her niche and now with tremendous hard work, this channel is quickly rising to the fame of X. This is evident from her channel’s growing video stats.

You Must Be A Girl – X Is All About Women

If you are a girl/ woman in the age group of 16 to 26, your chances of becoming successful on X are higher than others. Here is how to prove it. Watch 10 to 20 videos on X, go through the comments. Click on user’s profile who have commented on the video. What age group you find. In those 20 videos, more than 75% will be made by woman in her early twenties. Even the users commenting or liking those videos will be from similar gender and age group.

Once you do your math, you will come to know that X is adopted by teenage and young adults compared to any other age group. Within that group, the majority of the users and video producers are women. If you fall in that age group, your path to become successful and popular on X is easier than others.

Offer Valuable Services

Take the psychology niche which is becoming popular on X. Many lawyers have tried to promote their business but didn’t find much success. The psychologist channels offering insight in mental health are growing popular. After tons of entertainment, your brain needs little relaxation. Or how much time you can watch the X dance steps. Your eyes are constantly looking for a change. This gap is filled by the resourceful videos published in psychology and other useful segments. Some of the videos that have gone viral were focused on offering valuable content to the audience.

As users are exploring X beyond just the dance steps, these niches are getting noticed. Once your niche gains visibility, the views and subs automatically follow. If you are looking to start a brand new X channel, give a thought to offering value to the users. Some tips or lifestyle helps that can attract users to your videos. Easy simple recipe to become successful on X based on current market trends.