How to Get More Google My Business Reviews

Google My Business is a platform that allows users to share their opinions on restaurants, hotels and other businesses. Google reviews can impact both brand recognition as well as SEO for your website and listing. Your potential customers will make purchasing decisions based on your comments and reviews.

Google reviews – How do they work?

These reviews can either be a lifesaver or a last resort to help decide about the future failure of a company. Why it is worth your time to look after Google Reviews? And how do you go about it? How to get more positive comments. Continue reading today’s entry for more information and the answers. Enjoy!

What percentage of people use Google?

Contrary to what many people may believe, Internet users don’t spend their time on social media platforms. Google is the preferred search engine for 96% of Polish Internet users. In the search bar, we type more 2,000,000 phrases and queries every 60 second . SEO is crucial for both online and offline business development. The Internet is our best friend. How can a Google My Business listing assist you in today’s digital world?

Google My Business Listing – What is it?

Google My Business listings functionality is developing at an impressive rate. These are the results that users who search for your company on Google Maps will see in Google My Business.

Many entrepreneurs are still not taking advantage of Google My Business, which is a free tool that can be used to promote your business. Are you aware of how many times you have used Google Maps to search for keywords like “sushi Jersey” and “a hotel near Boston?”

This is where a Google My Business listing that is properly designed and placed can be very useful. Your potential clients or customers can access information such as company name, location, and contact details. You can also view Google reviews written from people who have used your products or services. These reviews are read by 91% Internet users and they choose companies with positive comments. The higher the number of stars, the better.

From the admin’s point of view, this is how Google My Business listings look.

Google Reviews – What are they?

This view can be equated with a great job for any business owner. Your company should only get such ratings.

Google Reviews are brief comments left by customers or clients and accompanied by the appropriate amount of stars (1 to 5). These reviews can be answered by you, the company owner. If the review focuses on your actual negligence, you can disagree with them. Be sure to respond to all comments. It will show potential customers that you are responsive and eager to please them.

Google reviews vs. customer behavior

BrightLocal’s 2018 Local Consumer Review Survey found that 31% of Internet users review local shops before buying, 60% look at reviews before booking a meal, and 70% examine comments and opinions about products and services related modern technology. Google My Business gives you almost complete control over reviews and feedback about your business. Make the most of this opportunity and use your Google My Business listing for customer behavior.

Google Maps and Google My Business reviews – Three arguments to convince you to take them care

1. Google robots analyze the content of reviews

Each comment about your company is a unique long-tail phrase that refers to your website. Google robots link your offer to other information sources, such as reviews from customers.

2. Google reviews are more favorable than negative ones and can improve a company’s ranking in local search results.

Google Maps will rank your company higher if it has positive reviews and ratings.

Which of these hairdressers do you think you will choose?

Local SEO is supported by a well-optimized, active and current Google My Business listing, with many positive reviews.

When you look at Google listings, ratings are the first thing that you will see. You now understand why it is worth boasting about.

3. Positive PR and brand recognition

We’re now talking about Search Engine Reputation Management, which combines SEO with PR activities. It is easier to select items and relate to products that have been positively rated by the local community. We want to ensure that our online purchases are correct. Google reviews translate into brand recognition and trust, which in turn leads to higher turnover. Social proof can be a powerful tool for maximizing your social proof. Positive Google reviews are a great way to get positive reviews.

How can you get more Google reviews positive?

According to research, 70% of customers will leave comments or rate products or services if asked. How can you get more Google reviews?

1. Ask customers to visit your store/company directly.

It’s not a faux pas. Online reviews and ratings are increasingly important to customers. If they are satisfied with your products or services, they will leave comments on Facebook, TripAdvisor, or Google My Business if you ask them. You might think about special listings or leaflets that you can place on a counter, or add to a bill or receipt at a restaurant. Your clients and customers will be more likely to recommend your company if you offer a discount code for their next visit.

2. Use CTA buttons

Another solution is to implement a CTA button on your website that directs users to Google My Business reviews. Your website visitors will be able to see where they can leave comments and direct them to the area where they should interact.

3. Make use of social media and mailings

Promote company ratings on social media and newsletters. Your most loyal followers and subscribers may not have thought to leave a Google review. A simple request can make a big difference in this instance.

4. You can monitor your Google reviews and react in real-time

Users will appreciate the effort you put into answering previous comments on Google My Business. They’ll also feel that you care about building relationships with potential customers. It will be much more rewarding for them if they spend some time to add some words and stars to help you evaluate your products and services.

To ensure that your company is running smoothly, you should monitor Google Reviews. This will help to ensure that your employees are performing their duties and your products meet customer expectations. It will also help to ensure that customers feel positive about your store. It’s time to make changes if your Google reviews show the opposite.

5. Make Use of Google My Business Chat

This form of communication with companies may not be very popular at the moment, but it will earn trust and appreciation. Google Maps lets users message specific businesses, such as restaurants. You can book a table at a restaurant and get a response in real time without calling. A active Google listing will increase your chances of getting positive reviews and ratings.

Google Maps Reviews – What should you avoid?

Fake Google reviews are not to be trusted

You’ll likely encounter these “lucrative” offers sooner or later. You should avoid them like the plague. Your Google listing will be cluttered and spammed by you. It’ll also be obvious that your reviews are fake. Look no further, is one of the best providers where you can buy Google reviews for your business listing at super affordable rates.

Customers shouldn’t be pushed or encouraged to post dishonest Google reviews

Do not insist on clients or customers. If your customers or clients aren’t confident in the quality and reliability of your products and don’t want the review to be signed with their name, it’s time to think about ways to improve the offer and services. You shouldn’t expect them to rate your products five stars or leave positive reviews. Sometimes honest, reliable feedback from customers can make a difference and help improve your business. It is also a good idea to have friends who are open about their opinions. The ugly truth is always better than the beautiful lie. Treat customers and clients as if they were your best friends.

Do not create fake accounts to view your company’s records

Google already knew about this brilliant “marketing” strategy, and has learned to recognize reviews. Therefore, even if your tempted to do this, Google robots can quickly and effectively remove such ratings from the company listing.