The 7 Vital Factors That You Must Consider Before Buying Expired Domains

The domain flipping business is undoubtedly profitable. There are numerous people who buy and sell domains with good page ranks and make huge profit. Not only domains with high page rank are in demand but expired domains are also extremely popular. Buying expired domains with traffic can be profitable but before you plan to buy, it’s essential to find out the right domain.

7 Significant factors to check before you buy an expired domain

A domain expires when it remains unrenewed for a considerable amount of time. Then, that expired domain is put up for auction. With the best bid you can easily get your desired domain. But before you buy an expired domain you need to check 7 most important factors. The 7 factors have been described below:

Make it a point to check the PA/DA of the domain:

First of all, you should check the page authority (PA) and domain authority (DA) of the expired domain. You can easily do it through Open Site Explorer. By pasting the URL of the domain to Dmoz Directory, you can easily find out it’s PA and DA. This is simple yet an extremely essential formality that you should take care of.

Analyze with the help of Google banned checker:

There is no point in buying a banned domain. As you can see, this completely a waste of money. So, before you buy any domain, make sure it’s not banned by Google. To be sure, you must check the domain with Google banned checker. It’s the most convenient and appropriate way to check whether your desired domain is expired or not. It may happen that you get an expired domain that is really good but banned. In that case, you can utilize Google reconsideration request to un-ban the domain and buy it.

Never ignore to check the backlinks of the expired domain:

Backlinks have an important role to play in the page rank of a domain. Therefore, you should also consider checking the backlinks before planning your purchase. You can go through or check the details of back links with Majestic SEO.You can also check the linking domains. All you’ve to do is to copy and paste the domain’s URL to the Majestic SEO tool and check. It doesn’t take too much time to show the results.

Check the traffic as well:

Always make it a point to check the traffic of the domain before making purchase. There are numerous tools as well to check the traffic statistics. These tools will let you know everything about the traffic and the exact registration date of the expired domain. You can check traffic with This is an important formality to check the traffic, so you shouldn’t neglect it at any cost.

Go ahead with checking Google Adsense Ban:

There are numerous domains which are Google Adsense banned due to violation of rules. To make online money you should avoid these banned domains. So, you should also check the adsense ban before buying an expired domain. There is an effective tool AdSense Sandbox Checker that you can use to find the Adsense ban. You’ll only have to provide the URL of the expired domain and click preview Ads. If you can see the ads, then it’s not banned and you can go ahead buying it.

Check the page rank (PR):

There are numerous websites that manipulate page ranks to survive the competition. You should stay away from domains like these. Use tools like the Fake PR Checker to check whether the page rank is manipulated or not. Check the page rank carefully and always select the genuine domain. In this way, you’ll be able to stay away from unfortunate loss.

Go through the archive of the website:

This is also important to check the archive of the website. This will help to know which kind of website was running on the domain before it expired. You can go to the Archive and check the URL of the domain. It’s also possible to take screenshots of the link. Through a properly arranged timeline graph you can take a look at the websites live at different times. In this way, it’ll be easier for you to select the right website easily.

So, before you plan to buy an expired domain, make sure to check these 7 essential factors. This will make your deal even more lucrative.